Paris diary(II)

If you like to walk, then come to Paris! Although Chris and I each had our Navigo passes, I would say 75% of the time we traveled on our feet when we were in Paris. This city was made for walking!

Our breakfast at the hotel has made us fall in love with croissants again in our life. All kinds of croissants were offered along with other stuff like cereal, fruits, breads, cold meats, coffee, tea, milk…by the hotel every morning, simple but very tasty. Due to a lot of walking in Paris every single day, a good breakfast is essential.

Had our breakfast at the Classic Hotel Bastille

The second day in Paris was also our 2 year anniversary, we started the beautiful day from Arc de Triomphe. The gorgeous arch is located at the end of  Champs-Elysées, in the middle of Place Charles de Gaulle that is a large circle square. We got Museum Pass for each of us before going up to the arch. Museum Pass is the greatest thing to get in Paris! It allows you to visit more than 60 museums, skip the long lines, and it’s unlimited revisiting before the expired date.

Paris Museum Pass

We had a really great exercise climbing to the top of Arc de Triomphe, it’s about 284 steps to climb up, and the view was just fascinating!

Arc de Triomphe

Engraved with names of generals who commanded French troops during Napoleons regime

The tomb with eternal flame for unknown soldiers

climbing up to the top of Arc de Triomphe

at the top of Arc de Triomphe

Got a great shot from the top of Arc de Triomphe

From Arc de Triomphe, we walked along the beautiful Champs-Elysées. Our first stop on  Champs-Elysées was Cartier. It was lovely; however, we didn’t get anything…then we went to Swarovski to find some cute little pieces for gift ideas, I couldn’t resist to strike a pose by their crystal staircase!

Swarovski crystal stairs

Of course I had to visit Louis Vuitton headquarter and flagship, the 7- story cream Neo-Baroque style building with huge and tall windows. Love the window display, which showcased Louis Vuitton’s fine quality and high end craftsmanship.

Louis Vuitton on Champs-élysées

Colourful+authentic display represents LVs craftsmanship

I made a phone call to my Parisian friend, Rudy, before we squeezed ourself from the huge lineup to the crowded Louis Vuitton House.  I met Rudy at Toronto fashion show back in 2008. He was a model at that time, and we became friends since then.

Unfortunately, no one’s allowed to take photos inside the store, so I just got a free shot at the staircase..

the stairs go up to see more luxury goodies

ChampsÉlysées  is truly a paradise for people like me that loves fashion, arts, music, Café, and shopping…

We went to Stefano Ricci after Louis Vuitton. The Italian Stefano Ricci’s men’s wear is very elegant and high quality; however, I was quite disappointed of their window display in Paris, it was a bit boring and conservative compared to the ones in Italy and NYC.

So we were here at one of my favourite shops in Paris, Ladurée, where I met up with my friend, Rudy, who I knew from Toronto. Ladurée is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris, they have the most delicious macaroons, and they are not only tasty but beautiful! I’m a big fan of their window display….Chris and I had our brunch with Rudy at Ladurée, it was a bit pricey but totally worth it! Rudy used his elegant Parisian French to order the food for all of us, and of course, they were very tasty!

Ladurée--side window

Rudy and I at Ladurée

Macaroons at Ladurée

to be continued…


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  1. Hello

    May I ask you if the image from the Arc de Triomphe is your image? I have a client who wants to use the image in a small book in Switzerland. Please let me know.


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