Hospital in-and-out

March.15, 2011– Woke up….no food no drink…hospital

Checked in to the pre-surgical clinic, the nurse made sure that I’m the one who’s going to get 2 cuts on both feet, then I went to the change room put on the robe and slippers.

Bunion surgery is an outpatient surgery, which means I can get out of the hospital few hours after the surgery!!

My surgery starts at 2:30pm, and I was told to be at the hospital at 12:30pm. My husband Chris came with me, and he’s so patient!

Chris' waiting with me

Chris’ waiting with me for the surgery to come

The nurse gave me a patient’s pager, which they will page me when it’s time for my surgery.

the pager

Waiting for my surgery with the patient’s pager

2:25pm, my pager started vibrating, it’s my time!!

Dr. McGoey came to see me while I was waiting for the nurse to bring me in to the operation room, he told me not to worry, it’s like a routine to him!

I was taken to the operation room shortly, it’s freezing cold!! I laid down on the high surgical bed, a bit nervous but still quite calm until I noticed that a

nurse making huge noises by organizing surgical tools, oh boy, that really made me wanna jump out of the bed and punch her in the face….

Soon the anesthesia kicks in…then I was out~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I woke up at the recovery room, it was 5:30pm. I saw the nurse came to me as soon as I opened my eyes, gee, they are good!!

She offered me a cup of ginger ail, which didn’t stay in my stomach too long that night. I kept drinking like I’ll never have ginger ail again, that’s a bad move.

I started to wonder what my feet look like now. The nurse helped me to sit up a bit, here’s my feet after the surgery…

at the surgical care room

after surgery at the surgical care room

Before going for this surgery, I did some research and found many patients had swollen feet and ankles. I was really surprised to see my feet without swelling and bruises. I guess Dr. McGoey did a very good job!!

Finally they called Chris to come in to see me, I felt so secured when Chris sat beside me. He is the best!! He’s been waited for me all day long at the hospital.

I felt a bit nauseous due to the anesthesia, so the nurse injected stuff like antiemetics to make me feel better; however, it didn’t really work that way.

I decided to leave the hospital for home, and that was almost 7:30pm. I could stand up on my feet, didn’t hurt that much, but I was scared and weak. The surgeon froze my feet so I barely felt anything.

As soon as I got in to our car, I threw up, big time. Thank god I was holding 2 big plastic bags from the hospital, they saved the moment like this. So basically I gave all my ginger ail to the bag. Yikes ~~~~

The anesthesia seemed a bit too strong to me, I vomited 4 times the night after my surgery. Not a good night after all.

outpatient surgery

came home after bunion surgery


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