Prep for my bunion surgery

I’ve had the “big bone” problem on both feet for more than 30 years. It’s genetic, my mom has it, my grandma had it…anyhow, let me explain what Bunion is:

“A bunion is when your big toe points toward the second toe. This causes a bump on the inside edge of your toe.

Bunions happened more often in women, and usually runs in families. People born with abnormal bones in their feet are more likely to form a bunion.

Wearing narrow-toed, high-heeled shoes may lead to the development of a bunion, too. It gets very painful as extra bone at the base of the big toes.

When bunion gets worse,  with severe deformity or pain, having a surgery to realign the toe and remove the bony bump can be effective. ”

In my case, I’ve tried so many different insoles, toe spacers, bunion pads, etc. They are just HELPLESS!! So I decided to have the surgery, finally!!

The first step is to see your family doctor, and get a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon.

The second step is to have your foot X-ray done before your consultation with the orthopedic surgeon.

I was thrilled to find out that the entire procedure is all covered by Ontario health insurance program!! Love you Canada!!

However, to schedule the consultation with the orthopedic surgeon was not an easy road…so it’s the Cons of Canadian medical issue–> super SLOW!

Dr. Brian McGoey, the orthopedic surgeon , only has 2 days in his practice per week. It took me almost a year to have my consultation! It felt so great to actually talk to him about my bunion problem, and got my surgery date scheduled, too!

Next, is to fulfill the pre-surgery package, which includes a general checkup and your health history records, you can have them done by your family doc.

Then you need to schedule for your blood test and another foot X-ray with the pre-surgical clinic, usually is located at the hospital where you will have your surgery.

After all those preparations, I called Dr. McGoey’s office just to inform them I have completed the pre-surgery requirements.

The day before my surgery, I couldn’t eat and drink anything pass midnight, so I had late supper just to fight the upcoming hunger til the surgery is over…

I hate, hate, hate bunion!!! Hideous Bunion, you have given me so much pain and self-consciousness for so long…it’s time to get rid of you!!!

my feet before bunion surgery

My old feet before bunion surgery


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