Post-bunion surgery—First week

Many people have been asking me the same question since I had my bunion surgery, ” Is it painful? ”

My answer is: NOT AT ALL!! I don’t really feel pain even the first 3 days. They froze my feet, so I had my peaceful first 3 days. Although, I didn’t sleep as good as I used to in the first 3 nights after my surgery.

I only felt a bit soar particular on where the cuts are, and luckily my feet and ankles are still thin and nice, no bruises, no swelling!!

day 12 after surgery

Day 12 after the surgery

My orthopaedist, Dr. McGoey, scheduled me to see him on April 4, so I have to keep the bandages on until then. They made my feet so tight and numb.

Other than soar and tight feeling on my feet, they are pretty good! I can walk but not long because I feel the pressure on my feet, I don’t want to make it worse, so I chose to sit on th computer chair( if you have a computer chair, use it, it’s very helpful, the wheelchair for bunion patient!!).

roll with my heels

Roll with my heels on the computer chair

With both feet wrapped with bandages, taking a shower has become a problem. I didn’t have regular shower for the first 3 days, I used baby wipe, and my husband Chris washed my hair for me.

flushable wipes

Flushable wipes for the first 3 days

Day 4 after the surgery, Chris helped me to set up my “shower scene”. He bought a plastic stool and an anti slip pad, these things are going in to the bathtub. So I can sit on the stool, place my legs outside the tub in order to keep my feet dry. In that case, I wear plastic bags on my feet, and tape around my ankles to make them secured and tight enough. (Chris’ idea)

showering tip

place a towel to sit on the stool for showering

showering tips

Wear plastic bags on my feet before showering

And then…..I had my first real shower after bunion surgery!! Result–my feet were absolutely dry, and I had a relaxing shower!!


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