Post-bunion surgery home care

In my previous article, I talked about taking shower after my bunion surgery. The main issue is to keep my feet away from being wet. This is very important, the cuts are still healing so you want to avoid them from getting infected, and the the bandages need to stay on at least for about 2 weeks, they have to be dry as well.

Here are some pix of my feet 1 week after the surgery, the bandages got a bit dirty at this stage, and some edges are not sticky anymore, so I had to tape them!

a week after bunion surgery

tape on some non sticky areas

The post-op shoes play an important role of my life now, they are the ONLY pair of shoes that fit me!! As you can see the thickness of the bandages around my feet, the straps on top of the shoes are adjustable so they make it easier for my life. They protect my feet after the surgery as well. I have to put them on every single time before my feet step on the floor.

Post-op shoes

As for the medication, I only received one prescription for this type of painkiller–Demerol.

One prescription for a bottle of painkiller

This thing made me so drowsy and nauseous, so I have stopped taking them since the 4th day after my surgery.

The rest of the time, just keep my feet elevated as much as possible, that really feel nice!



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