Back to the doc-Undressed:)Dressed:(

Graphic content–Viewer discretion is advised!!

April 4, 2011. First trip back to my doc/surgeon, Dr. Brian McGoey at Credit Valley hospital.

I thought I was going to live without bandages from today…sigh…not so easy! So basically, the nurse just took them off, and let Dr. McGoey take a look at my bare feet with these 2 cuts….how should I put this, hmm…..scary, ugly, kinda stitched together but splits here and there:( They looked like they were screaming at me!

after undressing layers of bandages

The first layer's out, next step is to take off those little tapes!

so it's my bare foot with the scary cut

First time seeing my skin cracked like toes also get swollen


you can see the little piece of skin that's separated

No more bunions! Big toes are aligned!

I was at the hospital for about 2 hours, the process of undressed and dressed made the injured bones very sore because the nurse had to pull and push my big toes to adjust the angles when wrapping the bandages around my feet.

It's done! And it's soooo tight:(

Came home afterwards, the tightness of the new bandages made it harder for me to walk…Anyways, another week of resting, hopefully the next time going back to the doc, the stitches will look more elegant…


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