Salute! 3 months after bunion surgery…

So it has been 3 months since I had my surgery!! Ahhh…..time flew! I’m really satisfied with the result, my feet look so much better, and I feel great about them!

Big toes are still quite stiff at this stage, I’ve been trying to bend them few times a day, I guess I’m just being too gentle to myself, the tendons are so tight and stiff! Maybe I should really go visit my physiotherapist….

I have bought a few pairs of cute sandals, one of them is from Foot Solution, which has a strong support at the bottom, and incredibly comfortable insoles.

The big toe on my right foot is still a bit crooked, I think its because my right foot bunion was more serious than my left foot. My left foot looks very nice and the big toe is aligned.

Here I want to give a piece of advice to whoever’s going to have bunion surgery in the future, or had the surgery done recently– Wear your toe spacers as long as possible!! They really help!!

I’m back to work full time now, and I really appreciate that my boss is being super considerate for my feet. I’m grateful that I can rest my feet when I need to, and gave me a few days off when I walked or stood too much at work.

I’m hoping that soon I can start to wear beautiful high heels!!! Gosh…I miss being taller and elegant!!


6 thoughts on “Salute! 3 months after bunion surgery…

  1. Thank you for doing this blog. I think it would be very helpful for patient’s who want the perspective of someone who has gone through it. Don’ t go too hard on those high heels !
    All the best.
    Brian McGoey MD

  2. Wow! It’s Dr. McGoey!! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for the comment! The purpose of this blog is not only to record my own experience but also to share thoughts with those who are going/ had the same surgery…
    Thank you again for your great work! My feet are so much better now, although my big toes are still stiff, and the blood circulation hasn’t improved yet. Just a bit worried about the tendons around the cuts, should I go see you before seeing a physio therapist?



  3. Hi Kat, I really liked your blog. I am going to have surgery by Dr. Levesque at Credit Valley soon. How many weeks after surgery could you walk at a relatively fast pace?

  4. Hi Kat, I really like your blog! I am going to have the surgery by Dr. Levesque at Credit Valley Hospital as well. How many weeks after surgery could you walk at a pretty fast pace?

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