6 years later…

So it has been 6 years since I had my bunion surgery done!! Both of my feet are still looking good, feeling good and walking well! I have to say this surgery is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! This surgery may have different results on different people, there are a couple of reasons that I received this sweet result, such as age, self-physio….etc.( you can check out my previous post here under Bunion surgery), but the most important factor is my doctor/surgeon, Dr. Mcgoey !! He gave my feet a happier new life! You are the best!! Thank you Doctor!!

I talked a lot of positive things about my post surgery feet; however, some minor discomfort do exist. My big toes aren’t as stiff as the first two years after the surgery, but the joints are not quite the same as before, so when it comes to walk or run for a long distance, the bones of my big toes start to get some numbness and soreness, as long as I take off my shoes and rest my feet, or massage them for a bit, I feel much better right away. Frankly speaking, this kind of discomfort is far less from what I used to suffer before my bunion surgery….

Now I love the fact that I can actually enjoy wearing those gorgeous open toes sandals and heels, ha, life is good for these little things, isn’t it?

I enjoy looking at my aligned toes, hehe

Wearing these open toes sandals really cheers me up!


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